the circus is in town

Step right up, Ladies and Gentlemen!  Feel the bile on the treacherous Tilt-A-Whirl!  Witness Jo-Jo the three headed Gorilla bite the heads off former lab animals now horribly mutated! Be astounded by the 700 pound bearded lady and her two foot Pygmy husband…

Well, that’s what it feels like over the past three days and I’m sure the tents have been staked in the ground for the long haul.  Watching the media regurgitate disingenuous superlatives over old Silly Putty Face (rest his soul) is just another example of this culture’s obsessive addiction to circus freak celebs.  Just a glance at Friday’s newspapers tells the story; three quarter to full page spreads of stock MJ tripe while barely a two inch block is assigned to a woman who had grace, dignity and courage in the face of her disease.  It’s unconscionable, in my book.

I had a lot of respect for Farrah, not settling for the ditzy blonde stereotype of the 70’s and fighting her way through some less than stellar bit parts to thoroughly intense performances.  I guess that’s the real difference here, Farrah was a real human being and MJ was a marketing thing that still garners the gush of media’s unquenching thirst for the lowest element.  In my mind, to quote George Bailey, Farrah died a richer woman than MJ ever was.



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11 responses to “the circus is in town

  1. i could not agree more. and hearing of his massive debt in spite of how much he raked in from the beatles songs he acquired rights to alone, never mind his own music, i am appalled by the utter lack of any semblance of discipline or responsibility.

    kudos to reminding us that farrah had a helluva lot more substance than MJ and more than a lot of people gave her credit for.

  2. xmichra2

    good post coops.

    I didn’t know much about either person really. But i figured (and here is where i expect tomatoes) it could have been anyone dying beside MJ and this post (and many others) would be the same. It comes down to MJ being a bigger media frenzy than practically anyone else in the world. Maybe if britney died… hmmm…

  3. Ironic that your blog is finally about cadavers…

    Undoubtedly, the media is focused on Michael Jackson because his life was such a sideshow. But don’t you think part of it is because Farrah’s declining health had already been so well known; it was just a matter of time before she lost her fight and there is no question about the cause of her death.


  4. Mike Sadler

    How right you are.

  5. I feel bad that Farrah’s passing went mostly unnoticed because of Michael. I feel bad that because of his whacky childhood, his life became the mess that it was.

    I just wish the media would get over it all. They died that’s all the world needs to know. We don’t need 24/7 coverage of anything, that isn’t affecting everyone’s lives.

  6. Stacey

    Another example of how the liberal media reports news. Is this news? The day after MJ died there is a full page AND a half of MJ, a Half of page of Farrah, and on the LAST page is a small two paragrah article of how North Korea chants “Let’s crush them.” Speaking out against Americans if we put any sanctions on the Nuclear program! Using words like “annihilate them.” Disgraceful. Americans have their priorities screwed up! Wake up America. Please.

  7. mssolitaire

    I absolutely agree with you!!! what a horrid overshadowing and the non-stop media about it is mind-numbing!

    Great post!

  8. I think MJ was my first musical love…. but he turned into something I personally detest. How they can parade his death after what he had done I will never, ever understand… nor do I want to.

    And just who didn’t want to be an “Angel” when we were growing up? She has her wings now~

  9. I made the mistake of watching bits and pieces of the early morning news programs on Friday. They are still doing their wall-to-wall Jackson coverage. Perhaps after the memorial service on Tuesday, they will give it a rest…


  10. Shows how out of the loop I am. I did not know who Farrah was and the only MJ song I knew was “Beat it” because I knew the Weird Al parody. *sigh* Well, I’ll just go back to listening to my Le Miz soundtrack and watch my Blackadder DVDs now.
    I agree with your point though. I think it is just a by-product of 24 hour news. I mean, they have to fill up the time somehow. Also a by-product of news casts having to compete for viewers. If the basic news shows weren’t so ratings focused and were assured of job security, then they could focus on “real” news.

  11. NOT a huge MJ fan. This is actually the first mention of him that I have made anywhere, in all that time, I think.

    Farrah rocked. Yes, I felt badly for her and her family amidst all that circus stuff too.

    I was wondering when Comedy Central was going to air the Southpark MJ episode??

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