stupid by design

So on a recent hospital visit I had to avail myself of the facilities.  I found a rest room but not the usual multi-user deal, this was a single user W.C. for sexes of all kinds.  Consequently, no urinal, just your standard everyday porcelain alter.

Now, being a guy, I have options here and on this trip standing is all that is required.  Being the hip hospital going for the “green” thing there are no paper towels, just air dryers.  This is key to the story.  Picture in your mind, if you will, an ariel view of a room about 10 feet square, the door on the bottom right, the sink in the top right corner and the john in the top left corner.  The bottom left corner is unoccupied…possibly for future expansion.

Certainly more than utilitarian, but here’s the rub.  The hand air dryer is placed in the middle of the left hand wall (the one on the opposite side of the wall next to the sink) about five feet up.  The AUTOMATICALLY STARTING hand dryer.  Needless to say as I stand there to drain the lizard, the magic motion detector on the dryer thinks I’m there to enjoy it’s function and blasts me with 15 seconds of hot air every time I make any sort of movement.  wtf…..



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4 responses to “stupid by design

  1. snowelf

    omg…i am laughing my ass off at this! I’m sorry–that’s just funny stuff right there…


  2. I am dying (not drying) laughing. and forgive me but…was that their idea of a blow job?

  3. That commode wouldn’t be one of those automatic ones, would it? You know, the ones which insist on flushing even while you are still seated? If so, the proximity may be intentional to facilitate butt drying by merely standing up.

    Bill – looking for some rationale

  4. LOL!!! That’s awesome, I hope you had fun..

    A certain male somebody in my household discovered the joys of utilizing my hairdryer when getting out of the shower, need I say more? 😉

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