stupid by…well…just stupid

This is a local NY Metro story so you may not have heard anything about this….

Seems a young woman in the area was walking down the street and texting on her device when she fell into an open manhole.  She is planning on suing the city.  Her reason, and I quote..”if there had been an orange cone there I would have seen that.”

Oh yeah?  Prove it, Moron.  Another blow against personal responsibility.  Maybe we should have hands free walking since we’ve already crossed into the realm of brain-free walking.  I don’t know about you but if you aren’t going to pay attention to what you’re doing, for whatever reason, you’re going to have to accept the consequences. Period.  End of story.  No matter what some Brooks Brothers clad legal scumbag may have to say about it.  What if she hadn’t been texting?  What if she was looking at the sky, or the birds, or the sun…oh, right…that would mean putting her phone down for 5 minutes, or perhaps talking to another human being face to face.  We certainly can’t be having any of that.

BTW, she was not hurt.  Humiliated maybe by falling into the sewage  line, which she described as “really gross”.  What if she was texting and just tripped on a stick or raised piece of sidewalk and was serioously hurt…is that the city’s fault as well?  Should there have been an open manhole without some sort of warning?  Of course not, I’m not completely insensitive.  But that is not an open excuse to play the legal Wheel of Fortune to seek monetary reward for no injury.

What a dope…



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3 responses to “stupid by…well…just stupid

  1. That story was in the news even way down here in hell, uh, I mean Texas.

    She is just another in a long line of people wanting to cash in on the victimhood lottery.

    The story does point out a bigger looming problem…there have been a few reports of transit workers texting on the job, some with deadly results. Texting while driving may eventually exceed DUI (or DWI in some states) as one of the leading causes of death, injury and property damage.


  2. jiminiy cricket, but this kinda crap irks me…especially considering she was merely embarrassed not physically injured. pity someone didn’t quickly cover and bolt the manhole before she could climb out and spread the slime.

  3. Yup! The chick made news in Seattle, too. Sadly. Must’ve been a slow day.

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