HR 676 – The Health Care Bill (sit down for this one)

I have to admit that I skipped over a lot of the flowery language in this bill about providing the highest quality care and how the government will pay for everything under the sun going forward without any copays or deducables  (at least they’ll pay for what their new Office of Quality Control,  the USNHI Program Director and the National Board of Universal Quality and Access say they’ll pay for – and who sez there are no jobs available????) in favor of going right to the section on where the magic pixies will create all the money for this…

Here’s the deal…under the heading FUNDING…
A) Existing sources of Federal govern-ment revenues for health care. (such as ?????)

B) Increasing personal income taxes on the top 5 percent income earners. (well there’s a real incentive to bust my hump and get rich so I can give more of it away)

(C) Instituting a modest and progressive excise tax on payroll and self-employment income. (Great let’s hammer small businesses)

(D) Instituting a small tax on stock and bond transactions. (Sure. Why not).

What…no tax increases on school lunches?

Entitlement entitlement entitlement.  Guess what…as a middle class guy who works his butt off to pay my way, I’m totally fucking fed up.  Obama is the nightmare I hoped he would not be.

Here’s the assumption:  Everyone is entitled to affordable healthcare.  Where is that written in the constitution????  And you can drag out all the children major illness stories you want to try to prove a point, but you know what?  There is a limit, and some people are going to die because they can’t afford it.  Cold…yes.  The truth? Yes.  We, the middle class, are sick and tired of picking up the tab for those less fortunate.  I give plenty in terms or time and money to charity of my own choosing and own volition.  Now I’ve got the Feds stickingt their scummy palms further into my pocket until they grab my balls and yank them out with any loose change they can scrounge.

It’s time for a revolution.  The free ride is over.  It’s time to get pissed off and act!



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4 responses to “HR 676 – The Health Care Bill (sit down for this one)

  1. I pay $154 a month for my health care…no help from my boss. It covers very little until I shell out big bucks from my own pocket. We don’t need the gov’t to fund a plan…they are already there…we just need the gov’t to kick the insurance companies in the that things like high deductible plans go the way of all things. And that health care coverage doesn’t break the bank, because EVERYONE should be able to go to the doctor without the fear of a huge bill. THAT SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN THE CONSTITUTION.

  2. The president keeps talking about reducing costs and cutting out unnecessary tests. Yet not a single word about tort reform. You would be amazed how high malpractice insurance and other legal expenses are for doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies and these are all just passed on to the patient. Many extra tests are ordered as CYA for defense against potential lawsuits.

    Another problem is that health insurance companies are currently licensed or chartered by state, making few able to compete across the country. Even though there seems to be lots of plans available, only a limited number are applicable to the resident of any particular state. Meaning not enough competition to really bring prices down (or the biggest complaint, improve service), just the illusion that there is.


  3. cooper

    I agree that the bulk of the issue lies with the insurance and legal industries…I just don’t expect any action in that area as 1) the people who should be going after them are themselves lawyers.
    2) the insurance industry has one of the most powerful lobbies in DC..lobbies which are staffed by….more lawyers…or lawyer wanna-bes….

    The people we elect prove time and time again that they do not represent the people that (foolishly) elected them. I have given up having any expectations from that crew…

    I’m looking for alternative solutions…..

  4. Well, Cooper, there is no guarantee that this thing will pass, at least, in any form like it is currently. The most fruitful alternative right now is to let your representative and senators know you do not favor the legislation and that you will not be voting for them if they vote for it. This course of action is especially effective for you since you are live a blue state and your congresscritters are not already disposed to be against the proposal. You have the potential to sway yes votes to no.

    Politicians will listen if the collective voices of their constituents are loud enough…at least I am still naive enough to think so. The Republicans were voted out in 2006 and 2008 because they do things the people back home did not like; the pendulum can reverse again and the politicians know that. With the recent corruption scandal in the Garden State, New Jersey Democrats already have to watch their backs in a “throw the bums out” atmosphere, so may feel vulnerable.

    The political minority used to always like to say they will move to Canada if blah, blah, blah, but that is not an option in this case…


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