…deep breaths…

OK.  I’ve calmed down now.  Took awhile but so be it.

My face hurts (yeah, I know..”It’s killing me!!” ha fucking ha).  I have some sort of…something…spread all over the left side of my face that aches and itches.  Plus the teeth on that side of my face hurt.  I’ve been to the Doctor….well, the current stand-in for my regular doctor (long story we don’t need to go into here) and outside of taking my BP, which was surprisingly low, he was ready to walk out the office until I


said..”Excuse me…but I’m here becuse my face hurts.”  He kind of looked at me like I’d just beamed in from Jupiter (or possibly Io or Europa).  He pressed my sinuses and felt along the jawliine and said..”must be an allergy.”  Certainly filled me with a ton of confidence.  Told me to get some saline nasal spray.  I know I don’t have a medical degree but how does irrigating my nostrils remove the itchy red blotches on my face?


Resolving to find an MD who has at least one vowel in their last name, I went forth to CVS and got benedryl topical gel which I’ve been applying for two days…with minimal effect.  So I’ve gone for the pill form of the same stuff and expect to be passed out sometime in the next 30 minutes.

In the meantime, I’d like to take a belt sander to my face….



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10 responses to “…deep breaths…

  1. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV, but if the problem is strictly on the left side of your face and the left side only, I would suspect something to do with the nervous system. That is one part of the body which is demarcated right down the middle between the two sides.

    Either that or it is a psychosomatic reaction because the political left was causing you so much grief in the previous post…

    In any case, get better soon.


  2. Yep – you are snoring by now. Benadryl will do it everytime. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. ack. not fun. not at all.

  4. cooper

    Bill – I’m more than slightly convinced this is stress related…

    Jen – bg snooze…about 6 hours

    lime – tell me about it….

  5. Stacey

    Perhaps shingles. It is part of your nervous system and is red, itchy, painful and comes out when stressed. Common for anyone over 35 yrs old and has had chicken pox. Not sure what kind of DR you have, but I like Internal Medicine as a GP. In our area they are better than the GP’s and also have hospital priviledges. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. NYD

    Which side do you sleep on? Maybe it’s time to change the pillow cases.

    Hey, I really enjoyed the link to web side story, thanks.
    Hope everything returns to normal very quickly.

  7. cooper

    Stacey: trying not to think about shingles…been down that road once before…going to give it another day…then go on a doctor hunt…

  8. could be an absess (sp?) tooth. or an ear infection. I know the later sounds funny, but I get a rash sometimes when my ear is infected. However, if the pain is only in your teeth and not the ear, probably a tooth issue. Just my guess.

    Hope you are doing alright being all doped up 😉

  9. A dermatologist maybe…or shingles…but I would think a regular MD could diagnose that.

  10. (I’ve read your latest post so I know now) but seriously, how could a doctor look straight at you and miss shingles??!

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