the envelope please

and the winner is…..

my SIL Stacey!!!!!!

elephant_manShingles it is.  And it’s really hurting like a motherfer and is wildly attractive to boot.  I am the elephant man….

I’ve had this once before in my life but that was around my ribs (also on the left side…Hmmmmm).  As bad as that was this is worse.  Thankfully it has steered clear of eyes and ears (thus far)  but it is wholly annoying to have a nose that is numb but constantly itches while the rest of my cheek throbs and someone sticks pins in my upper lip.  Yeah…gimmie more of that…

to be philosophical about it, this is my body’s way of saying  KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF ALREADY, as it relates to life and work…particularly work.  The past few months have benn stressful beyond anything I’ve ever been under…and I’ve been on many a death march  (the phrase IT people use to complete a job within time frames set by doofus executives who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about).  So some re-evaluation is in order….and what a great job market to be contemplating that!!!!

Settle down…not time to rant…must de-stresss




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8 responses to “the envelope please

  1. how bout i take you to a snowglobe factory and hand you a mallet? just a thought for letting you get some of that aggravation out.

    glad you have an answer. i hope you are having some relief of the pain and big improvement soon.

  2. ouch,m that does suck 😦 hope you get some refeif soon…

  3. So sorry you are in pain. My ex-mother-in-law had that once and it was the sickest I’ve ever seen her. It’s very painful. Take care of yourself.

  4. I hope you decide not to keep the doctor who recommended shit on a shingle as the remedy for your problem…


  5. Stacey

    That sucks!!! Hope you feel better Cooper!!!!! Get another DR!!!! Love ya.

  6. My dad had it once…pretty bad. Damn that chicken pox virus..which is where it usually comes from.

  7. snowelf

    Ugh! I had shingles too! I didn’t know what they were for a long time, and then by the time I finally went to the doctor, they were mostly gone and she had to guess what I had. Once she described it-I was like “yep-that’s exactly what I had!” The same tingly/itchy/pinprickling feeling–except I got it all down one side of my back and neck. They came along them right after I left my husband and I was super scared and stressed out. Not fun. I was so thankful when they left.

    Take care Coops, keep Ohmmm-ing!!! 😉


  8. Knowing that USa and UK are divided by language I looked up mshingles in the Merriam-Webster and found it was “a small thin piece of building material (as wood or asbestos) often with one end thicker than the other laid in overlapping rows as a covering for the roof or sides of a building”. What happened were they super glued to your face?

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