Top 5 on whatever day this is

From The Mistress naturally…

Top 5 artists/musicians you’d marry in a heartbeat (with apologies to the mrs.)

pic_carlyCarly Simon – this has been a constant since the 70’s.  I was duly crushed when she married James Taylor..but now there’s hope again (yeah, right)

pic_sassSass Jordan – Canadian songbird who’s been mostly, and ignorantly, ignored in the US save for her album Rats in the 90’s.

pic_orianOrianthi – ok so I know we’re dealing with some cradle robbing here but man this chick can play…

pic_heartAnn and/or Nancy Wilson – kind of self explanatory – two talented, tough women.

pic_helenHelen Slater – what? wait a minute…isn’t she an actress??  Supergirl??  Billie Jean (or whatever that skateboard movie was called).  Yeah, the same.  However, she put out two decent CDs of original material that aren’t half bad.



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3 responses to “Top 5 on whatever day this is

  1. that’s a pretty good top five.

  2. is hugh jackman a musician? hey, he can sing. ok, i’ll take him!

    although i am not a country music fan in general, trace adkins gets all sorts of points for his song “hot mama.” plus when he gets into the lower registers…yowza….

    amos lee

    carlos santana

    harry connick, jr.

    weird al yankovic. what? the man makes me laugh.

  3. Ohhhh very interesting choices..gotta watch with Carly though..she might right a song about you 😛

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