Top 5 On Friday

Top 5 “musical” things you’d spend $1000 on

What….only 5??????  From The Mistress

1) Apple server and recording software

2) Recording studio equipment

3) An electronic drumkit & amp

4) A new acoustic/electric guitar

5) Downpayment on a new DW drumkit….



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2 responses to “Top 5 On Friday

  1. 1. a brand spanking new mac powerbook to contain my itunes library (ok, i’d need more than a grand but hey, it’s a start…or else i’d get a refurb, they get the same warranty a new one gets)

    2. a hammered dulcimer (leftover funds applied to folk festival tickets, accomodations, and food)

    3. a plane ticket to trinidad during carnival so i could see panorama (national steelpan orchestra competition finals) live and in person

    4. tickets to any and every concert within driving distance that i want to go to until the money runs out

    5. guitar lessons, starting from scratch, adapted for my fugged up left wrist (yeah, yeah, practice on my own…but, paying for lessons will make me disciplined enough to get over the hump of starting from scratch, respraining the thing this summer didn’t help)

  2. You can get all of that for $1000?

    I’ve got this itch to get Beatles RockBand and an XBox to play it on…but then I would need a better TV and there goes the entire $1000…


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