in the flesh…so to speak

you’ve heard me mention The Band, specifically MY band – Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band…well we had someone, and I don’t rightly know whom, make a video of bits of our last gig in Neptune.  Here’s a little blues number he posted on you tube….note that this is 4/5’s of the band…our lovely violin/guitar/vocalist could not be with us that evening..



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5 responses to “in the flesh…so to speak

  1. hey, that was fun (though i worry about describing the blues as “fun” since it sort of seems a contradiction of terms [ya know since the blues is all about having them and that ain’t no fun] but really it’s way too freakin early in the moring for splitting semantic hairs…not to mention all these damned parentheses and brackets, but maybe we could come up with a blues tune about excessive asides and weird punctuation). thanks for sharing it. i shall cease now and just go back to grooving on the blues.

  2. wicked!!! Jim, holey crow.. you totally rock! (i know i shouldn’t be so surprised, but i\d never heard you play!)

  3. I am going to have to find a way to get out to Jersey sometime…


  4. Hey Coops! Tis me, Spidey!
    I happily just “re-found” your blog…love. love, LOVE the video. Makes me homesick for my old kit. I am so happy to see you are not letting your passions sit in the corner collecting webs…ROCK ON!!!

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