at a loss

Human nature is such an odd thing, how some people act with unquestionable integrity and a solid moral center.  Then there are those whose integrity is for sale and whose morality doesn’t even wave at conviction or consistency.

You know………….politicians.

Taking a glance at the source for many things political, C-SPAN, there sat Neil Barofsky being interviewed.  Two points if you know who he is (I didn’t know until about ten minutes ago so I’m batting .000).  Uncle Neil is the Inspector General of the TARP program, that wonderful, thoughtful solution where we turned all our money over to the likes of AIG and GM.  Mr. B was saying that we should in no way expect a dollar for dollar return on the money we gave to these institutions through the bailout.

We shouldn’t???  Oh, so it was a gift?  Can we all take a couple million off our taxes for charitable donations?  Imagine if, say, Warren Buffet (no relation to Jimmy…I think) made all his investments without expecting a dollar for dollar return.  He’d be a frequent diner at the local soup kitchen if that was the case.

I certainly don’t remember ANYONE in the government say we were not going to get our money back.  In fact I seem to remember TARP being flogged as an investment that will yield great returns for the country. At the one year anniversary of TARP, the Prez said Americans were making a 17% return on their money.  Really??  Should I expect a check any time soon.

Who knows who is telling the truth anymore.  Numbers can be cooked to support anything. And while pundits on both sides of the political spectrum spend most of their time in the sandbox thinking up names to call their opposition, the average sucker (re: you and me) continues to get butt-fucked.

Yet where is there a comforting place to turn?  With whom can we have even a modicum of faith that these idiots might have a clue what real life is all about.  It brings to mind the classic words I have posted before….



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6 responses to “at a loss

  1. [At the one year anniversary of TARP, the Prez said Americans were making a 17% return on their money. Really??]

    No, he never said that. Henry Paulson doesn’t even know where $167 billion of the TARP money went. It was the biggest money giveaway in the history of the world.

  2. cooper

    Ben –

    Au contraire –
    “But, he said, banks have repaid more than $70bn, and taxpayers earned a 17% return on investments made in cases where the government’s stake sold completely.”

    Obama Declares Optimism

    • No, the author of that article claims Obama said that, but there is no quote of him actually saying that.

      Looks like you’re a Buddy Rich fan. I remember watching him play on the Tonight Show several times. Johnny Carson was a pretty good drummer, also.

  3. doublespeak and lots of it. different standards for govt than for the rest of us. my personal favorite is how the IRS’ system is not designed to be auditable. that’s another classic.

    pass the vaseline

  4. snowelf

    This craziness just makes my head spin.


  5. Unfortunately, we get the government we deserve. My sister once commented about how sad it is that our forefathers had to fight for the right to vote and so many today do not bother to go to the polls. I immediately answered with “Do you really want some of those people voting?”

    Of course I am referring to the vast numbers of the population whose only exposure to the world outside of their own lives is American Idol and sports on TV. They do not read a newspaper or news on the Internet. They are the ones Jay Leno and Sean Hannity exploit get laughs by interviewing on the street and asking the simplest of questions about current events.

    When election day comes, they go vote. Not that they care about any particular issue, but because it is drummed into them that they need to. So they vote for the party their family has always supported, or their frends praise. Or morely for the candidate whose name they recognize or for the cuter face. Don’t laugh, that happens.

    Not only do many people not seek out information, but some even actively avoid it. I frequent some online forums and e-mail lists on technical and hobby topics. Whenever a thread of discussion turns even the slightest bit political, they are the first to protest, “If I wanted politics, I would go to bla, bla, bla…”

    I was once that way. In grade school, the Weekly Reader and later, Junior Scholastic were mandatory. One year, The teacher stated that some of the test questions will be taken from current events. I objected, saying that if it was not in the textbook, it should not be on the test. As one of the many things she did right, Mom set me straight, saying I really should watch more news and fewer of the sitcoms on TV.

    If immigrants must take a test to become a citizen and receive the right to vote, native-born citizens really should be required to show some knowledge of American history, government and economics. This will not be an easy problem to solve as the “literacy test” has already been ruled to be unconstitutional and a high school education doesn’t guarantee anything any more.

    So it is up to those of us who follow current events to save the country.

    The first step is to defang the Democrats to stop them from continuing to spend our money like drunken sailors. My apologies to those drunken sailors who may be reading this. For now, that means voting Republican, whether you like their policies or not. The states of New Jersey and Virginia have started the process (thank you!) and now some Democrats have seemingly found religion. They are starting to talk about fiscal restraint in next year’s budget. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Once the Democratic grip is loosened, we need to be sure that neither side has overwhelming control enabling them to dictate policy. That essentially means supporting third parties so that a deal must be made for anything to be done in Washington. I do not mean having a third-party candidate serving as a “spoiler” in a high-profile race, but sufficient numbers of “independents” elected as members of Congress so that neither of the two parties has a majority.

    When if doubt, gridlock is good.


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