frightening friday five

Top 5 album covers that really scare you.

Excuse the alliteration of the title…just trying to be clever…from The Mistress as usual

I can’t say there are any album covers that I consider scary…but there are some that are frightening in other ways…

1. The fact that she had the number one album in the country at ANY time makes my skin crawl….

2.Musical wallpaper paste always makes me gag…

3.Please….make it stop!!!!

4.Certainly gets me into the Christmas spirit listening to the Jewish Elvis do Silent Night…go away please

5. (tie)Amnesty International is investigating these as cruel and unusual punishment…



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4 responses to “frightening friday five

  1. i concur most emphatically with all the choices. i only wish you had warned me that i’d need my epipen for #4

  2. I do not remember any cover as being particularly scary. But somewhere in my collection is an album by Cheryl Ladd. Yes, the Cheryl Ladd of Charle’s Angels. It is scary that she tried recording. It is even scarier that I somehow decided to buy it.


  3. cooper

    lime – my apologies

    bill – i remember that one…there’s also a copy of William Shatner Sings floating around….

  4. I agree with all of them. Yup! Those are scary!

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