can someone explain this to me please?

Normally my little page of rants upon which you now cast your eyes gets about 30 to 50 hits a week.  Over the past 10 days that number has jumped a bit…

to somewhere around 2,500 hits.  Why? Good question…one I was curious about myself. Now one might think had I put up a post of scantily clad nubile females or gone on some rant using some key descriptive phrases describing various activities most frequently done behind closed doors that this might gain some attention.  The truth is…I have not posted anything in this vein for quite some time.  So why the sudden interest?  My dazzling personality? My uncompromising wit? My masterful meme bon mots?

To quote a Python line…”Not as such.”

This is the post getting all the attention…indeed over 2,400 hits in the last ten days.  Is there a massive school assignment concerning the life of know…him?????  Why is everyone in the world searching know who (and it’s not Voldemort).



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3 responses to “can someone explain this to me please?

  1. Uh…people doing a search for the words: fuck job throbs?


  2. someone with a sexual fetish for joh merrick?

    weirdness abounds, man.

  3. Who’da thunk it?

    Hopefully and I noticed the date on the post, but hopefully you’re over that. Yes, another distasteful malady, eh? I’ve had just about all kinds of diseases and what not, i.e. Pleurisy, Diverticulitis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Hep C, yep, you name it, I’ve had it and lived to tell…except that one. I somehow feel slighted. Damn it to hell!!!

    Big Love Baby!!!

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