shut-up, mr. gumby

I’ve been digitizing my old Monty Python albums (tough noogies RIAA..I’m not selling them or giving them away as far as you know…they’re for my own private use…so piss off).  You too, Lars.

Lemon curry????

As you can plainly see my brain is discombobulated at best.  But at least it’s with the zany madcap antics of the lads from across the great pond, those silly-walking bastards that still make me laugh to this day.  I was fortunate enough to be present-ed with the new Python documentary DVDs.  If you are a MP devotee they are worth it. Through interviews with the surviving members and old film clips, the history of the Pythons is traced from start to finish.  The more laughter the better these days…

Of course there are the standards that most Gumby’s can recite…The Argument Clinic, The Parrot Sketch, Spanish Inquisition, The Lumberjack Song, SPAM…but listening to the albums reminded me of all the other sketches that are priceless.  The Fairy Tale with daughter Mitzi Gaynor and wise King Otto, The Death of Mary Queen of Scots, Gumby Theater, Eric The Half a Bee and the Travel Agency (yes Carol YES!!!!) are my standout favorites as far as the recordings go…

What are some of yours?

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  1. the self defense course involving attackers armed with different fruits and the upperclass twit of the year competition are other favorites of mine. oh, and the gangs of grannies is another good one.

    i am overcome with envy. you own a treasure!

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