top 5 from last friday

the possibilities are just too endless….

Top 5 Dream Collaborations

1. Ella Fitzgerald and Trent Reznor

2. Tori Amos and Tiny Tim

3. Lamb of God and The Ice Capades

4. Carly Simon and Donna Summer (MUSIC, cooper…think MUSIC)….

5. Barry Manilow and Yoko Ono – they deserve each other



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2 responses to “top 5 from last friday

  1. #1 blows my mind, lol!!!

    BTW, my ol’ friend, your advice(comment) was damn skippy straight up and you gave it concisely, paraphrased in a way. I can’t put my finger on what I want to say. Anywho, I’m actually quite impressed. If you’d ever want to join the team, you’d surely round out things out!

    My brain is having a melt down as I can’t seem to convey a damn thing. I’ll be back!


  2. how about bing crosby and david bowie singing christmas carols…oh, they did that.

    and how about the cast of glee and van halen….wait, i think they covered that. it was distrurbing whereas your pairings are hilarious.

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