Today was my last day at work.  Such is the life of the IT contractor.  Nice timing though don’t you think?  “Merry Christmas…now get out.”

Fortunately I am not sweating this even though jobs are tough. I’ve already had a couple offers put to me that sound promising.  For now, however, I’m going to take a few weeks down time, try to keep low key about the holidays, finish the damn book already, and take naps to make Mr. VanWinkle jealous.

I know how lucky I am to be able to do all this, that fact does not escape my view.  At a time when so many are struggling it is an absolute luxury to be able to kick back for a bit and not feel that we’ll be fighting with twenty other people for rights to the Kelvanator box behind BestBuy for shelter.  My gratitude is right up front.

It did feel weird walking out today…but then i’m sure it does for everyone when they depart a place of employment.  What’s funny is that this particular client has brought me back several times since I started consulting for them back in 2000.  The joke this time was telling everyone I did not want a going away lunch as I’ve had at least four so far over the years and that’s quite enough.

Contracting is a cyclical thing…especially at large corporations.  I’ve seen this many times since I started consulting…geez…almost 20 years ago now.  Companies freak out when their numbers dip and get rid of all their consultants, then realize 6 to 12 months later they can’t get all the work done because the employees are already to go postal with the workload.  Then they bring everyone back.

In the meantime, I will slack off the fullest exent of the law…



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6 responses to “breathing

  1. how crazy is it that you and I both had our last day at work today??

    I will not be slacking off, as such. I will return to the work force Monday at 7am, new career under way. But to a steady schedule, no evenings, no weekends. So that will almost feel like slacking off I am sure 😉

    Enjoy your time off coops, and get that damn novel done! **kick in the ass here**

  2. sounds like you’ve got a good perspective on the whole thing. i hope you have just enough time to feel really relaxed and maybe a wee bit bored, without there being too big a pinch in the wallet and then a less stressful situation arises.

    in the meantime i am jealous of the available naptime. i coudl use one!

  3. Stacey

    Your message was uplifting. Since I am a laid off virgin, I feel rejected and put out to the curb. My last day should be tomorrow, however, they think they will string me along until the billing company gets a smooth transition. I say screw that! I’ll collect unemployment and if they want or need me they can pay me cash. I will however try to keep the holidays a joyous one, but I find it very VERY difficult because of all the negatives that keep falling around me. Hey off to a new note, now that you have some free time, will you still shop on Christmas EVE? LOL

  4. snowelf

    Oh, I hear you! Contract work has proven to be insane and fun all at the same time. Like your running a sprint the entire time. I am done on Tuesday and then start my new contract on the 4th. (Although my new contract sounds a lot less stressful than this one was…but we shall see…) Can I tell you how happy I am to have the next couple of weeks off…
    Let us breathe together!


  5. We’re in an UP cycle where I am. Government contract. Recovery Act money. I have to kick a half-dozen consultants out of the way to get to my office.

    The odd thing about government contracting is that the useless crap the consultants do will become normal job scope and we’ll have to hire them or their replacements for normal business after the money dries up.

    It will take years before the temporary layer rusts and sloughs off. I need to retire before this starts to seem reasonable to me.

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