exit, meme left

The Dating Profiles Meme: Early Exit

1. I will be gone from here in one month.
The spaceships are landing are they?

2. I’d love to go to the Kentucky Derby, Travel to Europe, and Hike the Grand Canyon.
Have fun. Keep swilling that espresso…

3. I am not a liar and do not want to be lied to.
Well at least you’re flexible about it…

4. I dream about raising kids who choose right over wrong, who find happiness and who are self-supporting.
LMAO.  Good luck there Sparky…

5. hello, i am looking to find someone who is honest funny and sinsitive to others needs ive been living alone for a long time and still wonder if you is out there ,getting tierd of doing it alone ,are u my squeeze?
Squeeze this…and take a dummy english class while you’re at it

6. There is probable not a lot of things I don’t or will not do.
Greaaaaaaaat.  How about a cannonball off the Empire State Building?

7. We are on here to meet someone so don’t hide. I could go on and on…
Thanx Sybil.  Next?

8. Ultimately I would prefer someone that has no children or only one.
Well I would prefer someone with a brain or without one.

9. I pride myself in my appearance but i am not high maintness.
You certainly don’t own a dictionary, I’ll give you that…

10. I’d like to find someone who can teach me new things and try new things to.
I think my first grade linguistics teacher is available…



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4 responses to “exit, meme left

  1. Thanx Sybil. Next? ROFLMAO!!! That is just perfect. Great answers. Some people are just so stupid on line LOL 🙂 Have a great Friday 🙂

  2. You are great at this! It seems no one owns a dictionary! Thanks for playing…

  3. snowelf

    Oh the kids one… yea… seriously! No reality check there.

    Maybe Sinsitive was a Freudian Slip?


  4. that some of these people may find others of their kind and procreate is disturbing in the extreme.

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