Have A Metal Charlie Brown Xmas

Music by Christian Metal Band Tourniquet

stolen without shame from Improvise, Adapt and Overcome



Filed under holiday, music, TV, YouTube

4 responses to “Have A Metal Charlie Brown Xmas

  1. LMAO! i can just see the peanuts gang in the mosh pit and snoopy ending the set by bashing schroeder’s piano with the guitar.

  2. OMG and LOL at what Lime said because I can see it too

  3. hahaha…i posted this on facebook last week 🙂

    i think the twisted christmas is my most favorite xmas music of all time 😉 but this is totally classic!

  4. Ha! Excellent!

    I can’t believe that in all the years I’ve watched that show I only now noticed that there is one kid in the dance sequence who is just a reversed duplicate of another. The little girl in purple, lower right is the reverse of the other little girl in purple just right of the piano.

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