so goodbye two thousand and nine…

I am not going to wax prophetic about the future or recount the past year or decade. (such a rebel…have another bowl of Special K).  There seem to be an abundance of folks that are happy to see 2009 come to a close.  But then that can said of just about any year.  Why is it that as one ages (in this case, me) the level of exhaustion at year’s end grows exponentially?

This NYE will be different; but then the entire holiday season has been different.  It’s been a transition year of everyone and everything in flux.  This year the band has a gig. We’ll be playing from 10 – 1, to whom I’m not sure but that remains to be seen.  I’ll be at a hotel in Freehold while the Mrs. watches the grandkids at home.  This was something my Mom always did for us when our kids were small, giving us a break on NYE.  At the anticipation of overnight babysitters, wild images of parties and frivolity danced though our heads.  The reality always leaned toward catching up on sleep and hopefully waking up in time to watch the ball drop.

I sincerely hope the recent tradition of propping the impaired Dick Clark in front of the camera is eliminated.  Not that I don’t have sympathy for him, but come on.  That’s supposed to fill me with happiness and joy for the coming year?  It’s been a great run Dick and we are forever grateful for the exciting years of American Bandstand, the $25K Pyramid and the NYE shows, but it’s time to move on.  I think it’s time to bring some fresh blood into the ball dropping countdown.  I’d like to see members of the Dallas Cowboys perform the task just to see if the actually can count backwards from ten to one.  Or perhaps all of Tiger Woods’ babes can each be given a number they have to call out at the appropriate time.  The possibilities are endless but as I sit and ponder different visceral scenarios involving the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Rush Limblubber and Dick(less) Cheney, it occurs to me that those are better let unsaid.

I wish everyone a sense of peace and common decency toward our fellow humans for 2010.



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5 responses to “so goodbye two thousand and nine…

  1. hope the gig went well.

    i can’t agree with you more on the dick clark thing too. ryan seacrest doesn’t do much for me either. bring on hugh jackman. your alternate suggestions are pretty funny too.

  2. snowelf

    You wrote the post I’ve been feeling all day.
    Happy new year, Coops.


  3. snowelf

    p.s. Lime would vote for Hugh Jackman. 😉
    And I think they should let Dick Clark give it a rest, too.

  4. Hey hey HEYYYYYYYYY, you shouldn’t be dissin mah Boyz like that! They can all count to ten except for Tony. He’s learning though!!

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