more music monday magic

I was in the mood for simple, fun and catchy.  Who else but YT sensation sweetafton23????

Thanx to Diane for keeping the music going…



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7 responses to “more music monday magic

  1. I’ve never heard her before, but I like fun and catchy too so I reckon this was good.

  2. i posted one of her videos a while back. she’s FANTASTIC! i always like what you got going on over here!!!

  3. YAY! She did it! LOL Fun! She is adorable! My DH will love this! I need to find more stuff by her.

    Happy MM!

  4. She is quite adorable, I laughed out loud!Thanks for the chuckle it made for a nice Monday!

  5. Very cute!had me in stitches!tthanks for this awesome post!

  6. I’ve never heard her. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this. Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  7. ok, nearly a week late and i finally got to this. gees, is she just about the very cutest thing you’ve ever seen or what? her flubs make it more endearing.

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