blah, blah, blah, meme

1. When you were a child did you ever blab a family secret and get in trouble for it later?
No.  All those ugly skeletons were kept securely under padlock and key.

2. Have you said anything in the last 24 hours that you regret?
Yes.  Phlegm.

3. Have you ever blabbermouthed something to a significant other that in hindsight you really should have kept to yourself?
Oh brother…where do I begin???

4. Have you ever written anything on your blog that you wish you could take back?
Yes. Phlegmish.

5. Are you the blabber or the blabbee? Tell us your most embarrassing blabbermouth moment.
Both.  Let’s not relive those past horrors…

6. Who is the biggest blabbermouth tattletale in your household?
Richard Nixon

7. You are the Blog Paparazzi! Which blogger’s real photograph are you most interested in getting?
Ex-King Zog of Albania

8. If you could hire the loudest and most skilled blabbermouth in the universe to do your talking for you and advertise it well, what message would you like to spread to humanity? Don’t hold back.
Get over yourselves. You don’t have that kind of power.



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9 responses to “blah, blah, blah, meme

  1. richard nixon, the ex-king of albania, AND phlegm all in one meme. nicely done.

  2. The comment about Richard Nixon cracked me up!

  3. I can’t get over myself, I must have that kind of power. I think I can… I think I Can….

    Good Ol’ Nixon

  4. excellent answers. You should never trust that Nixon character…

  5. I forgot about Nixon. Brilliant!

  6. of course we have that much power. ya did the meme didn’t ya?? lol… 😉

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