(missing) signs of the times

I am not a Mall denizen. About the only time I venture there is when I am in need of new jeans, and as there are four holes in various locations in my current pair (I’m not tellin’) it was time for a trip to JC Penney’s (that’s where I buy my jeans.  Deal with it).

So I venture to the Quakerbridge Mall.  For you Stephanie Plum devotees, yes the Quakerbridge Mall does actually exist on Route One just north of Trenton but I have never seen the likes of Stephanie or Lula ineptly dashing through.  Come to think of it I’ve never seen Janet Evanovich there either…which will brilliantly tie in to the observation I’m going to make if I ever stop making these asides and get on with it already.

Curiosity got the best of me as I took a post-purchase stroll to see what stores remained intact these days.  Here’s what I found:

9 (count ’em 9) kiosks/stores to by a cell phone
3 stores to buy video games
3 different Victoria Secrets locations
17 stores offering miscellaneous and unnecessary junk, along with the ubiquitous Spencer Gifts

and finally…NO book stores.  There used to be two:  Waldenbooks and B. Dalton’s.  Both packed it in, victim of the B&N/Border’s giants within a two-mile radius.

draw your own conclusions…

As a side note, if you are a regular reader of this lame blog you’ll note the absence of some long-standing sidebar graphics.  I’ve removed every item linked to Photobucket. Why, you ask?  because while in Photobucket Thursday evening looking for a graphic to post, my laptop, well actually the Mrs.’ laptop, was attacked by a Hijack virus, the effects of which took me two days and much maligning of certain geek coding dorks parentage to remove.  Just grist for your oatmeal…



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4 responses to “(missing) signs of the times

  1. Walden is/was owned by Borders and B. Dalton by Barnes and Noble, so you are technically correct that these two fell victim to the two giants; corporate decided the smaller stores were either not sufficiently profitable or did not fit their long-term goal (enclosed shopping malls are going the way of the dodo bird around here). It is not because of any unfair competition, at least not in the years since their acquisition a long time ago.


  2. sounds like every other mall i’ve ever been in. ah the great homogenizing way of the mall.

    i did notice missing graphics. i curse the coders with you.

  3. There are no small book stores anymore and that’s sad. Oh and not to worry, I buy my jeans at Peebles which is a smaller department store than Penney’s

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