MM – why can we not…

For reasons of my own in addition to this still being one the best, if not the best, music video ever made….

Make note…you may want to saunter over to Good Mourning Glory and join in the Musical Monday fun…anniversary giftys await



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10 responses to “MM – why can we not…

  1. The images seem to have association with the archeology reference text I was reading this morning. I like the music too.

  2. I don’t trust him.

    Interesting vid though.

  3. You chose one of my favorite bands like, ever! Great song. You get extra cool points on this one 😉

  4. That’s one good music and the video rocks!

  5. one of my favorite!!! awesome vid, awesome song, awesome band!! just awesome, i tell you!!! lol

    thanks for pointing out my epic typo too! i was so tired when i wrote that post! nyquil is my friend, except when it comes to typos! 🙂

  6. Oooo I forgot about that song! Great pic and great video! Happy MM!

  7. love the animation in this, that is a lot of work and imagination on their part. Love the music for this as well very intense!
    Happy MM Cooper!

  8. Amazing animation in that video. Very impressive. Happy MM!

  9. I remember this video! Yes, it is one of the best! Great song too!

  10. If David Lynch ever makes a stop and motion animation movie it will probably look like this – the video rocks. Btw, I love that quote about a library that does its job (I’m a librarian and at times I’m proud to offend).

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