Ever see “Village of The Damned”?  The 1960’s Brit film with the spooky-eyed blond kids that forced people to do things beyond their will???

They’re heeeeerrrrrrreeeeee

And while we’re on other real life horrors….will all the late night talk show hosts just go away…NOBODY CARES.



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3 responses to “fright

  1. lol, thanks for hipping me to that site. what a freakshow!

  2. An unexpected effect of the NBC shakeup was the Conan vs Jay phenomenon and the taking of sides among the viewing public. Jay will have a tough time beating a diminished Letterman, especially if NBC fails to deliver an hour of compelling programming before the late local news. Conan will initially have some following if indeed he ends up with his own show on Fox, but unless he does more than his usual Beavis and Butthead type of material, that may soon also vanish. So, you may well get your wish.


  3. logo™

    We don’t watch TV much (too cheap to pay for all the rotten channels just to get the two good ones) so I have, thankfully, missed all that nonsense.
    I can’t say I feel a sense of loss at all.
    Craig Ferguson did some good writing though, so if I were so inclined and equipped I would probably try his show.

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