MM – this is the story she told…

Time for a story song from the folk world.  I can hear you say “What???  What’s he going to throw at us?  Pete Seeger?  Woodie Guthrie?  Burl Ives???”

Relax. This is David Wilcox and this is the story of Johnny’s Camaro.  It’s a tad long so sit back and enjoy….


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5 responses to “MM – this is the story she told…

  1. I just had to laugh – my old boyfriend in high school so many decades ago had a camaro that he loved… It was stolen out of the school parking lot and he never was the same….

    thanks -Kelly

  2. I am back on dialup, so I cannot view that video. It wouldn’t be about the founding of Papa John’s Pizza would it?


  3. I hadn’t heard this song before, but I like it! Man, I remember some of my own adventures in a camaro back in high school.

    Anytime I don’t recognize a folk artist, I ask my DH if he has heard of the artist. He usually knows the artist. David Wilcox was no exception.

    Great pick! Happy MM!

  4. I enjoyed that and you can’t scare me with folk music 😉

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