i ain’t lyin’

Let’s start with this premise:

Internet = Propaganda. 

I remember those heady days subsequent to Al Gore’s invention,  springtime on the super-duper highway, netizens jousting for maximum bandwidth, mp3s flying at the speed of dial-up and copious scans of every back issue of Playboy and Penthouse previously salted away in a young geeks closet.

Not unlike FM radio (and what is the state of  THAT you may well ask), the entrepreneurial spirit grabbed hold with the cry, “There’s gold in them there megabytes!” and suddenly Mr. Gore’s information highway became corporate america’s marketing highway.  Such is the nature of things.

90% of what you hear on the radio, watch on TV and, now, read on the internet intends to SELL YOU SOMETHING.  So if we add the following to our original premise:

Advertising = Propaganda
Internet = Advertising
Internet = Propaganda

We are witnessing a phenomena akin to the advent of television, a mass brainwashing of belief that everything on the net is true.  Worse, every social commentary you receive by your well-meaning friends is factual…please feel free to forward to your entire address list to further these deviations.  Politicos love this shit. Put something on the ‘net by “mistake”?  Oh, I’m sorry…yeah, NOW try to pull it back.  It’s email fodder for generations to come.

One word of advice: DO NOT under any circumstances point out these inaccuracies to your friends that send them to you unless you thrive on repeated tongue-lashings for being a ‘spoil-sport’ and ‘always having to be right’.

It’s all Nixon’s fault…



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4 responses to “i ain’t lyin’

  1. logo™

    My password to access the interwebz on my one ‘puter was Al Gore, I think I’m very funny :p

    I am that obnoxious person who sends everyone links to Snopes. It really reduces the junk mail, I have to say.
    My homeschool mommy friends tend to be of the far-right alarmist tendencies, so I’m always being warned about the ACLU trying to take away soldier’s headstones crosses or how Obama is a secret Muslim, not a citizen, and oh, also, he is the anti-Christ. I am sure the left has just as much crap filling email inboxes around the world, but these are the ones I kept getting, til I sent them all Snopes links and asked them to cite their sources.

  2. Speaking of, when will Al Gore be asked to give the Nobel Peace Prize back?


  3. kinda makes you view the librarian as a guardian of truth dunnit?

    i’m glad to count you and logo as my more sane friends who make me feel less cold hearted when i point out inacurracies as well.

  4. snowelf

    I’m okay with other people’s views until they turn hateful and mean and you’ve only proven my point with your post. You’ve expressed your opinion clearly without hate, which is why I both love and respect your opinions and what you have to say.


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