my 1.5 cents…

Three words concerning the Super Bowl…

I don’t care.



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6 responses to “my 1.5 cents…

  1. snowelf

    Word! 🙂

    I’m not even planning on watching it this year. That’s how not interested I am.

    Happy weekend Cooper, my beach buddy!! 🙂


  2. Would your song be different if the Jets or the Giants were playing?

    Or are you one of those upset some of your tax money went to pay for the new stadium and from the looks of it, you are not even getting a roof. You got ripped off.

    I heard on the news that the old Giants Stadium is being torn down now. Texas Stadium will be getting it on the morning of Sunday, April 11 and has been the talk of the town. But you just know some fool is going to call 911 that day to report that he heard a loud boom and looked up to see that terrorists took out the stadium.

    At this time of every year, I get a chance to dust off an old joke: I have this VCR which automatically skips commercials as it records. Earlier in the week, I programmed it to capture a special on the best Super Bowl ads. Unfortunately, the tape remained blank.

    Bill – wondering where you fall of the spectrum from rabid fan to totally eschewing the game

    • wouldn’t matter…i’m fed up with pro football, from pricing out all but corporations for tickets, to providing street thugs with multi-million dollar deals and giving slime like Michel Vick a spotlight.

      screw ’em

      • I hear you on that. The only way things will change is if the fans go somewhere else with their money.

        I had thought that Jerry Jones came up with the concept of charging for the right to buy season tickets, but I hear lots of other teams are doing that too. If the Cowboys were not playing halfway decently this past season, he would be having a tough time selling out his grand palace this fall now that the novelty of the new venue has worn off. Let’s see…more seats, pricier tickets…can you spell B-L-A-C-K-O-U-T??? It may not matter anyway as there is now talk of a lockout of the players. It will be interesting to see what position Jones takes in the negotiations as he is one of the more powerful owners and he will definitely be needing the continuing income to pay for the new stadium.

        Do you feel the same way about Major League Baseball with half of the players gooned on the jiuce and denying it all of these years? Or about gun-happy Arenas – so when is Washington going to call the Wizards the Bullets again? <rimshot> Or the NCAA’s continuing inability/refusal to put in a playoff system because the bowls bring in so much money; do we really need so many bowl games that teams without winning seasons are playing? There was a time when the season ended on New Years Day with an orgy of three bowl games; now we get a whole week of it, preceeded by a month of meaningless games.

        I used to think the Olympics were the only pure sports, but have been disillusioned hearing about the cheating, the doping and the biased judging. Still, I will probably wind up watching quite a bit of it this month. I cannot resist seeing a skier doing an unbelievable imitation of an airplane wing. Or lugers on a tiny sled going downhill faster than we are allowed to drive our cars. And if that was not enough, those in skeleton doing it head-first.


    • Feel the same way about pro baseball…especially when I can go to Yankee and RedSox farm team games, each within a 30 minute drive, get a ticket for $15, get a decent seat and not have loud mouth obnoxious drunks to contend with in the stands.

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