three ring meme

I’m giving you advance warning.  This is not going to make any sense at all unless you bring up the Meme Queen’s blog and look at the pictures that correspond with these captions.  I’m being lazy.  Sue me.

1) Let’s see those anorexic super-model bitches do this!!!

2) GOP holds fundraiser in downtown parking garage.

3) Something in a toasted marshmallow?

4)  (i don’t know what the hell this is…)

5)  Dude, we need more bennies!

6) “WTF?????”

7) And now the S&M Leopard Glee Club will sing, “I Left Your Heart Over There In The Corner Because I Was Full.”

eight) Next time they can change their own friggin’ lightbulb…

9) “Ground control to Major Tom…”

10) This year’s first prize in the Most Annoying New Yorker magazine cover goes to the Greater Ogden Sewage Drainers Club for their tableau entitled “Transvestites In Motion”



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8 responses to “three ring meme

  1. Geat answers! I never thought of the GOP for # 2.

    Attaching those photos in order drove me over the edge, but I did complete the task.

  2. #10 – still shrieking in laughter. Fortunately for the rest I love Monty Python and the opportunity to experience, “Now for something completely different”.

  3. 7 and 9… Fabulous! Great memeage!

  4. Great ‘out of the box’ answers.

  5. fantastic!

    hey, i’m not an anorexic super-model bitch but when i tried those maneuvers i did some serious damage to myself! kudos to the capable thick chicks.

    my caption for #3:
    frat boys light farts, real men light burps.

  6. LOL LOL….even without the pictures, so funny to read them in order the way they are. Lazy? You?
    Oh, come on. No lazy people do my meme. You have to be half crazy to do them though. I qualify too!

    Great answers. Sorry the pic dilemma was an issue.

  7. Great answers, though I’m going to associate Bowie with clowns from now on, and not in a good way!

  8. I love caption contests, but this one is hard. The only one I got is:

    #2 – the party of nose


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