the treasure hunt continues

check out this post at the blogspot of the always effervescent Anndi…the dude in the video NAILS IT!!!! (but please come back here when you are finished as I plan to humiliate myself further…)

As I continue my journey through Slides Of The Past, I cannot help thinking of the Monty Python bit…”Here’s Uncle Ted at the back of the house (rip)…here’s Uncle Ted at the side of the house (rip)…here’s Uncle Ted at the back of the house but you can see the side of the house (rip)…here’s the Spanish Inquisition…at the back of the house…”  And there were certain times when home was not unlike The Spanish Inquisition  (minus the ripping out of tongues…well literally anyway) but that’s a whole different ball of fish.

If you get the impression that my family lived at the dining room table, you’d be correct.  It made for awkward conversations when non-family company was present but we learned to work around it.

Enough jabber…round 2…..

We begin in the back yard in May of ’63…that puts me at about 6 1/2 years old…middle of first grade…odd year first grade.  Don’t remember much about it.  Oh, see that garage window in the background?  Broken many times…from inside and out.

Back to the table once again.  Judging by the orange centerpiece this is Thanksgiving 1976.  Just turned 20.  Look at all the smiles on all the faces.  I did look pretty hot in that sweater tho…

A mere month later and no one has left the table….we stayed in our chairs until Xmas rolled around.  Notice that not only has Dad not left the table, he hasn’t changed his position.  A paragon of control.

Ahh, a landmark day.  May 1978 and college graduation.  You’re looking at a young man with his first, and to date, most severe hangover.  Someone was driving railroad spikes into my head.  How I didn’t hurl is beyond me.  This condition was only partially brought on by alcohol consumption.  This was the day that the entire family traveled to PA except my sister who was smart enough to stay away.  See my Dad had left my Mom about 7 months earlier for the lady that lived next door whom had left her husband, coincidentally, at the same time.  So, divorce not yet final, the dinner party consisted of Mom, Dad, yes the lady next door, and grandparents.  This was the Full Gonzo of tension conventions.  Families.  Gotta love ’em.

Oh, one parting thought.  Notice my formal attire in the Xmas dinner pic above.  Classy guy that I am, I thought a tie would be a nice change.  Except, of course if you turned the tie sideways…..



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5 responses to “the treasure hunt continues

  1. Effervescent? Moi? Awww shucks *blush*

    I love that tie =)

  2. the tie is killing me. i love it. i have to know, did anyone notice the message?

    the little guy on the swing is too cute to get angry at for a broken window.

    the magical charm of your college graduation exceeds mine but only by degrees. i too wanted to vomit, due to morning sickness, a father who decided to make totally obnoxious comments about me being “knocked up” and an alcoholic MIL who had called me every name in the book because i cut her off from the booze.

  3. You were not the only ones who lived at the dining room table; I think many of us from nuclear families did.


  4. The holiday table is wonderful! Everyone in their proper place 🙂 I’m sure it is rude to point out but I think your Grandmother (?) may even have on the same shirt? That makes me smile because my grandmother would break out her “holiday shirt” for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Man, I miss her SO much.

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