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Okay.  I understand that any gathering of people assembled to listen to the drug-addicted, racist, homophobe Rush Limbaugh cannot be beneficial to anyone’s well-being.

That said, the annual CPAC event in Washington DC is in full swing as you read this and tonight featured author/columnist George Will as their keynote speaker. Mr. Will’s writing irks me from time to time, but that’s ok.  He’s smart, well-read, and unmasks so-called conservative commentators like Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck as reactionary fear-mongers without ever providing a nod in their direction.

In my humble opinion, he nailed it.  Click on this link.  Once the video starts, forward to the 17 minute mark to listen to his comments. (The first 16 features Fred Thompson stumbling through an award presentation)


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  1. Stuck with dialup for now, I have been hesitant to try looking at that video, especially if I had to download 16 minutes of bad Law and Order soliloquy first. An hour of googling failed to turn up a transcript of the speech, though there seems to be versions of the video without the Thompson intro. Every report said it was a great speech. I am going to have to go find out whether the computers at the library have headphone jacks…

    I did find the following column by him on the “global warming” hoax:


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