homemade fp

for you long time masochists who remember my foray into a home baking business,  note that it has been some time since the oven has yearned for my attention.  Last week, however, I caught it whimpering in loneliness so it was time for a feeding.  I was going to make my special banana bread but was missing a critical ingredient and I had little energy to venture out in the snow.

I did have the fixins to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookie brownies (top half cookie, bottom brownie).

Step one: implement and ingredient assemblage (hey, I’m taking these with my phone so excuse the blurriness):

now for some butter and brown sugar for the cookie base…

Mmmmmm…chocolate brownie batter (yes. scratch. there just is no other way)

ok..i’ll speed it up…fresh from the now sated oven…

here…have a piece….



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5 responses to “homemade fp

  1. snowelf

    I love it when you feed me. 🙂

    (love your new layout too. so city-chic!)

  2. Food porn…it’s been too long…

    I just looked – Chocolate Chipped is still on hiatus.


  3. damn, now i have to clean my monitor after licking it.

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