push pause please

multitasking is complete bullshit.  it’s a self-inflicted, long-standing myth exacerbated by the proliferation of technology.  ask yourself…while i’m on the pc how many windows and tabs are active on average?  and is my crackberry never more than an arm’s length away?  we’ve all bought into it, at work, at home and at play. have we come to the point where we all need daily ‘time-outs’ completely devoid of being plugged in? 

there is a recently aired Frontline episode that explored the phenomenon and its global impacts.  check it out here.  there is one comment in the broadcast that hit home.  A woman spoke about going on vacation for two weeks and not knowing what happened in the world during those two weeks because you were in vacation.  I doubt that happens anymore, but I remember two-week stints on Cape Cod in houses with no phone, no tv and this is obviously the pre-digital age.  nothing to do but read, relax on the beach and eat – a complete absence of technological external stimuli. 

is that possible anymore?



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5 responses to “push pause please

  1. i know a rustic little cabin in maryland where it’s possible. aaahhhhh….i’m jonesing for summer now.

  2. If you lose track of the day of the week, you might be on vacation.
    To lose track of which month it is, you would have to be retired.

    When I am online, I have at least three windows open: the dialer, the e-mail client and the browser. Sometimes, I also have the IDE for the compiler, the DOS command line, Freecell, a media player, notepad, a word processor, a spreadsheet, a database program or the Acrobat reader depending on what else I may be doing at the time.

    To me, a phone is something to talk on. I do not text, tweet or surf on my phone; I do not talk on my computer.

    What I think is odd is how Apple and Microsoft tried so hard to make the desktop document-centric, meaning to emphasize the document and not the applications used to manipulate the data. With the iPhone and the iPod Touch, it is completely back to app-centric.


  3. it’s possible. But hard.

    I’m kinda doing the half hour of internet time, half hour of tv time daily thing. I am just so … disengaged. It’s sick. So I need a reality check, and not a reality tv check 😉

    So far, this week has been very well.

  4. snowelf


    I just blogged today that I am forcing myself to play instead of work…

    I need help.


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