dpm – good vibrat(ions)

I have not completed one of these in a bit but am feeling the sarcasm swelling….

The Dating Profiles Meme: Good Vibrations

1. I try to be natural, positive and optimistic, never give up and always look into the future with hope and good vibration.
Good.  You wash the dishes as you’re shaking already…I’ll dry.

2. Good sense of fine humor. – Inspiring character. – Creative bent of mind. – Fun to be with. – Good dresser and great dancer. – Confident. – Love the finer things of life. – Caring.
Guess you’re fine and bent.

3. I’m not looking at the current time, just enjoying the site and people.
It’s 12:37.  Does that help?

4. Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional.
I’ve decided not to exercise my options…

5. I believe that I am drug and disease free (and so I expect the same).
And I believe I have X-Ray vision  (and so I expect the same).

6. I am but a simple person with a simple needs. I am looking for somebody whom I can get along with and anybody who will accept me simply the way I am.

7. Love is when you feel like you are on a cloud and floating !!!!
No, that’s just the mushrooms kicking in…

8. Well I am not perfect, which of us are?
I be.

9. I like to go out (but its not the be all or end all) as long as I can have a drink.
Fine.  Meet you at the AA meeting in an hour.

10. Hi im nice normal easy going, who enjoys the odd battle of witts!
And your first name is Nit????



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3 responses to “dpm – good vibrat(ions)

  1. That has got to be the funniest one yet. “I believe that I am drug and disease free…” speaks volumes, doesn’t it? How about “I try not to be abusive” or “I am generally faithful” or “I only smoke when I gamble” (never mind that you are gambling whenever you do smoke)?

    Always be on the lookout for weasel phrases like “I believe that I”, “I try to be”, “I am generally” and “I only … when I …”. Or when listening to a politician speak, “Let me be perfectly clear” or “as I have said.”


  2. if you expect xray vision does it count if a person ordered the xray specs off the back of the comic book?

    as for the mushorroms kicking in….best answer! love it. 😉

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