mental health

First of all, go to John Shore’s blog for lots ‘o laughs.  His most recent post is entitled The Five People Who Will Beat Me Up In Heaven.  It’s great.  As a teaser, I saw this vid posted there.  If you think US TV is bad (which it is)….this will make your day (and, as Mr. Shore sez, if it doesn’t them we have nothing in common)

I’m taking a mental health day today.  As I lounge in bed (still) while the heat from my laptop permanently scars my thighs,  the phrase ‘mental health day’ started doing the watusi in my head.  The implication here is that mental health remains elusive at one’s place of employment.  In this case, that’s true.  So why subject myself to the brain damaging antics of my fellow cube/cell mates?

Well….I like to eat.  And have a roof over my head.  And pay for internet service.  But how much does that really cost anyway?  Could I not survive on PBJs and Raman noodles (or as a friend of mine calls them…homeless noodles)?

My mental health is questionable, at best, given the un-chlorinated, green-mold infested gene pool from which I hail.  I’m doing what I can to combat the tsunami tide of dysfunction sweeping over my mental shoreline (dude…what’s with all the water references???), but i digress.

Work <> Mental Health (that <> means not equal for you non-geeks out there).  Yeah I’ve seen the books “That’s Why They Call It Work Dumbshit So Stop Whining and Suck It Up and Get Back In Your Cube, Drone.”  Or something to that effect.  That’s supposed to give me hope and make we feel better?  No, it’s supposed to make me ignore any personal inconveniences, physical ailments, and psychotic pet-peeves in order to fulfill my drone-ness.

So when public television goes on yet another pledge campaign and, once again, drags out Wayne Dyer to hawk his latest contemplative musings just to remind me that he lives in Hawaii, writes books and gives seminars telling us how we should not be doing anything that doesn’t connect us to our source and earthbound purpose, that all we have to do is visualize it, I realize I should have signed up for more marketing classes in college instead of wasting my time at the radio station.  Such is life…

Time to see if there is any mental stability in the fridge.  Have a swell day.


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2 responses to “mental health

  1. I need to put the camcorder in the fridge to prove once and for all that the light does indeed go out when the door is closed…


  2. logo™

    Mental health breaks are very good for you,
    and the fact that laptops make computer time possible while lounging in bed is proof that we live in the best possible age.
    For me, lying in bed with a computer connects me to my source in a deep and meaningful way.

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