MM – distant lights

I was happy to find this on YouTube.  This is a band out of Austin, TX. that released a great CD awhile back.  These guys are just plain good.  Head over to Diane’s kewl page for more Musical Monday goodies…turn this sucker up!!!!!

(and please do not confuse this band with the metalheads from Latvia named Distant Light)



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7 responses to “MM – distant lights

  1. Don’t we just love it when we discover something we like on youtube! This band is cool.

  2. Intriguing.. I must search for more! 🙂

  3. logo™

    OK, I will confess that when I read they were from Texas I briefly worried I was about to be tricked into listening to country music.

    I am pleased

    Infinitely better than country.

  4. OMG Cooper! Loved this had to favorite it! Checked out Unity as well great group!

  5. I know this band very personally …. the lead singer is my son, Gabriel Fry. So, of course, I’m biased. So, that out of the way … get on their fans list. They’re planning their next tour and would love to come to YOUR city… let them know where you are.

    Thanks for the buzz!

  6. terrific!!! and you got a visit from the lead singer’s mom??!!! hah!!

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