the lights are blinking

I am so glad I have nowhere to go.  Saturdays are meant for sloth anyway (at least in my book) and today Mom is setting the appropriate mood with massive rain and wind.  I can remain in my grub clothes, nestled inside looking out at the yuck, thankful that it is water that cascades into growing tidal pools in the backyard as opposed to its frozen cousin of which I have had more than my share this season.

Did I say rain?  The frogs have broken out the jet-skis and are performing stunts in the temporary lake outside the fence.  Did I say wind?  Dor-THEEEEEEEEEEE.  Shit that sounded like a tree limb hitting the house.  The lights are still shining even though there have been flickering suggestions of power lines gone AWOL.

kill me now

DOG: "Please. Kill Me Now..."

The perfect day to read, write, eat, sleep, rinse, repeat.  Just knowing I have nowhere to go is a beautiful thing.  Did I mention that I have no reason to leave the house?  Even the dog has little desire herself to venture out and appears content to recline sofa-bound with all four legs crossed rather than experience storm squatting.

<<——-Speaking of retarded things people do,  am I the only one getting fed up with these cutesy “party” groups?  The Tea Party, The Coffee Party….each with their own pathetic self-involved axe to grind?  You know what party I would join?  The Jack Daniels Party.  That’s where anyone who wants to hangs out at a local bar all weekend eating sudden heart-attack bar food, getting good and wasted, listening to a great bar band and just generally having a good time as a way to deal with their wage-slave jobs, put some food on the table, pay the rent and hopefully dodge all the horse shit that comes their way from all directions Monday through Friday.

Make mine a double….



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11 responses to “the lights are blinking

  1. Speaking of writing, whatever did you end up doing for NaNoWriMo?


    • nothing…too much else to do including finishing the first novel i started writing…maybe next year…

      • That seems to me like an awful lot for one person to write in such a short time. Has a group of people ever done it together? The result may be a novel by committee, and look it, but at least there is a finished result.


  2. i was actually productive today but on my own terms and in my own damn time. i have a big pot of squash soup because it’s what I was hungry for.oh and i ate all the leftover homemade mint chocolate frosting i made for cupcakes yesterday too. if i were forming a party it would be the chocolate party. all members are required to attend meetings in a vat of ganache and drink champagne in between slurps of chocolate. attendees will be given full body massages at the conclusion of the meeting.

  3. snowelf

    It’s nasty nasty icky here too. All I want to do is stay curled up on my couch. However, I did get the rest of my stuff packed for moving to my new place, but now, now the couch is my love.

    I am thinking Lime’s party sounds perfect to me.


    I bailed on Nanowrimo too, but mostly cause I had to start working and then I just never really stopped. Stupid work. 😛

  4. Cooper, liked this; quoted some on my blog, with attributation naturally.

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