attention walmart shoppers….

If you haven’t heard what happened here’s a link….

What’s interesting about this is not the racial rhetoric spewing its venom toward walmart, but that no reporter (that I’ve seen) has put two and two together probably because they’re so busy olbermann-reacting to the headlines. 

Let me give you some insight.  This bizarre event took place at store in Washington Township, NJ, nearly a stone’s throw from casa de coopernicus (well, more like a 15 minute drive).  Now this same Washington Township made headlines just 3 short years ago for proudly showing the world its unusual crop art…..

wonder what the school system’s like….

UPDATE:  okay…I screwed up.  the walmart thing is in a different washington township in NJ.  Somehow that makes me feel even less comfortable, tho….



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3 responses to “attention walmart shoppers….

  1. wow. that’s harsh.

    My husband told me of the wal-mart thing (he is a sales rep, and one of his stores is walmart, and they were very a-buzz with it) and i couldn’t beleive it. I almost forget that outside of my home, there is another home with very different morals than mine. And in that home, they shake their heads at our actions. And it’s a shame… because we all can’t ‘just get along’, because there will always be the shaking of heads.

  2. sometimes i am astonished by the level of hatred and stupidity out there. then again, sometimes not at all. how sad.

  3. It really is a sad sad shame that people are filled with that kind of hatred.

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