mm – a learning opportunity

Diane’s is the place to go to join in!!!

In this case the learning opportunity was mine.

The 2005 Modern Drummer festival was a unique event…brand new venue, holiday weekend.  On Saturday’s bill was a drummer by the name of Chris Adler from the band Lamb of God.  Yes, growling speed metal.  What took me by surprise was the destruction of my preconceived notions concerning metal musicians.  Adler was, and is to this day, the smartest, well-spoken, self-deprecating musician I have ever heard speak.  I was blown away.  I wish I could post the talk he gave prior to playing, it was straight-forward, encouraging and humble.  He also happens to be an outstanding drummer.  This is a clip from the 2005 festival, just Chris and his brother, the guitarist from LoG.  I know this won’t appeal to everyone, and least the growling vocals are absent here.  Maybe it’s all the posturing and bullshit so prevalent on TV with the Healthcare nonsense that got me stirred up, but this song, Blood of The Scribe, has been on my mind…

on the other hand, after watching more than my share of unsubstantiated rhetoric from both lame parties on c-span leading up the health care bill vote, I am awash in sadness for a once great country now in the hands of total fucking incompetants….David Gilmour’s song is  a last plea for hope…(yeah I know it’s off a ‘pink floyd’ album, but be honest, A Momentary Lapse of Reason is little more than a Gilmour solo effort)…



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10 responses to “mm – a learning opportunity

  1. Sorry that you made the mistake of watching C Sausage Production At its Nastiest.

    Thanks to Al Gore, Dallasites got to see a beautiful snowscape out our windows instead.


  2. my little daughter always requests to listen to lamb of god in the truck when her dad comes to pick her up lol

    i’m making a point not to comment on any health care bill stuff just yet 🙂

    not sure what happened with your link if you posted it earlier. but glad you came back to check and added it on again. mr linky can be a pain sometimes. sorry about that.

  3. Wow – always find something cool to listen to over here. Thanks for the Lamb of God intro. Now I’m off to find more

  4. amazing talent! Love it.


  5. =( For some reason the videos didn’t work for me tonight!I will have to revisit and check these out!thanks for your comment on my blog today!if you find the magic solution to depression please share it with us all!=)

  6. well ok that was a new experience. i have to say the guitar kind of distracted me from hearing the drummer, would have liked to hear him better. but thanks for putting it up.

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