i still don’t get it…

These are the top search phrases that drag an unusually large amount of folk to my blog….


Search Views
elephant man 57
elephant 35
the elephant man 20
carly simon 5
elephant pictures 2
carly simon photos 2
“religion wayne dyer “ 1
carly simon pics 1


Search Views
elephant man 255
elephant 127
the elephant man 61
carly simon 13
elephant man pictures 9
elephantman 3
carly simon photos 3
the elefant man 2
elephant photo 2
helen slater 2

What’s the obsession with the elephant man????  Looking back over the past couple months reveals the same daily pattern.  There are three to four hundred people searching for the elephant man in all possible spellings every day??

Looks like Carly Simon has to get busy and post more photos as well….



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6 responses to “i still don’t get it…

  1. The Republicans must be looking for their next presidential nominee already…


  2. That is just bizarre! Elephants?

  3. logo™

    Well, I will consider you my go-to source for all my elephant man questions. I don’t typically have a lot of those but hey, you never know.
    I tend to get hits on superhero searches. Who can know?

  4. i shudder to think what may bring people to my site.

    i think you should have titled this post “i am not an animal.”

    just sayin’

  5. Huh. I was looking for “Peruvian Baroque Flautists” and “tits.”

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