wayback machine redux again + mm

As previous posts have indicated, the slide scanning progresses. One of these days I’ll go whole hog and bring all the relatives out, but for now I’m flying (sort of) solo.

Where in past posts we’ve dealt with the early years (circa 1960s, or in my family’s case circus 1960s – sorry jo) but now we’re going to jump ahead to those post-revolutionary days of the 70’s, the protozoic days of disco when any garage band with the right connections could get a record deal (in the encyclopedia look under music:rock:crap), when suburban white kids lit candles in dark rooms waiting for Satan to appear, brought forth by playing the first Black Sabbath album.  A time when everyone was tired of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, a time when Get Together became What Have You Done for ME Lately?

Enough waxing nonsensical (waxing…albums…I kill myself sometimes)…

High school graduation and the typical family poses…here with the old man.  No, your eyes are fine.  Mother dear, who was gung-ho into photography, spent a few years figuring out the concept of “focus”.  I think the roses on the left are clearer than me and pater.  And I certainly wasn’t going to be any clearer in a few hours as post-graduation frivolity commenced.

That same summer…here is my GQ pose, making sure everyone knew that I was way too cool for the scorching August sands in my long jeans, ClimaxBluesBand t-shirt, and copy of Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow in tow.  But fret not, I would acquiesce from time to time and join in the beach experience.  Here we have a shot of my attempt at sun stroke, being too cool for sunscreen.  Of course back then SPF was a non-entity and most women carried a bottle of baby oil to help that tan along while guys secretly sprayed Sun-In in their hair.

Up to Xmas 1976 and the ubiquitous Bullshit tie surfaces once again.  Here we have My Aunt Weezie and myself thinking the tree and the staircase have a better shot of being in focus than we did.  Those learning curves are kind of steep you know…

Not to ignore my Musical Monday duties…let me turn the lights out and get the candles lit…..



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7 responses to “wayback machine redux again + mm

  1. i like how the graduation gown has that just pulled from the package and can’t find an iron look to go with your expression of jubilation.

    the improvised dug in the sand beach chair is actually kinda cool. like nature’s beanbag chair.

    thanks for giving me a smile or two on a crappy monday morning even if you’re not smiling in any of these shots.

  2. OMIGOD! That was hysterical. That post brought some gawd awful memories of high school and post high school days. I love the jeans on the beach pic. That rocks and so does Black Sabbath, of course. Remember when Ozzy was cool? Great pick!

    BTW…I think there is a old photo of my DH somewhere in that same pose on a beach. He was also way too cool for swimsuits and back in the day he was quite the Black Sabbath, ACDC loving hippie.

    Have a great week! 🙂

  3. Any day is a good day for Black Sabbath only now I just want to sit back and listen all day! Happy MM Cooper!

  4. great post cooper! great writing and love the photos!

  5. Great cooper – great post!


  6. ordinarilyjustme

    This one is … interesting. But good. It puts me in mind of Pink Floyd. Thanks for the trip to the past.

  7. You do remember what happens when you play Black Sabbath at 78 speed, do you not?


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