it’s 2010 already

Charities need to get up to speed.  Yes I know that once you write a check to the Stop Squirrel Testicle Mange Foundation the offers from every worthwhile cause come flooding in.  That’s fine.  But seriously, I now have enough return address labels to last me a dozen lifetimes.  Don’t these folks realize the post office is a slowly dying entity?  Why else would they be stopping Saturday service?  Please, enough with the return address labels, especially the ones with the nauseating cute drawings of pink teddy bears, smiling stars and rainbows.

And speaking of that, what is the deal with these clowns that make cheques (another slowly dying industry) with more sappy drawings than should be allowed by law?  Unicorns, fairies, angels, rainbows.  Is this really our chosen method of personal expression?  What does it get us anyway?   Do the people we send them to really care?  I hardly think so.  Here’s a list of things that I would love to see on my bank cheques :

Open heart surgery
Fatal traffic accidents
A Jenna Jameson gang bang
A cute cuddly bear taking a dump in a stream
Celebrity post-mortem stills

(and now that I think of it, these ideas would make me charge more stuff just to be able to write more cheques…talk about an economic stimulus package)

Here’s something else that is getting trickier to accomplish, just try to buy a roll of 35mm film.  The supermarkets have stopped carrying them and the drug stores (once the bastion of family photographic needs) have a couple dust-encrusted roles of outdated 10,000 asa fuji film about. Getting them developed is another nightmare…where have all the fotomats gone (wasn’t that a Peter, Paul & Mary song?)?



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5 responses to “it’s 2010 already

  1. i’d totally buy zombie checks. the cutesie pie ones make me nauseous.

    as for film, just today at my aunt’s easter gathering my aged uncle was going around the room snapping pictures with a disposable FILM camera. i didn’t even know they still made such things!

    • That reminds me. I have one of those disposable film cameras in my glove box. The experts had been recommending having one to take pictures of the scene of an accident. I have no idea whether it will work after several summers in the Texas heat.

      With really cheap digital cameras now available, I need to update the technology. At least with digital, I can nondestructively test the camera and its batteries.


  2. I used to take my checkbook with me whenever I went shopping. Small purchases I would pay with cash, otherwise I would write a check. But stores began demanding to see two forms of identification to take a check. Acceptable ID can be a driver’s license, a state issued ID card, a passport, a Social Security card or a credit card. Some places will also accept an employee card, a library card or a membership card in the auto club, AARP or NRA. I came to the conclusion that I might as well just charge it and stick the store with their 3% fee to the card company, plus with bank interest being high back then, I get to keep the money in my account for an extra month. So I applied for a Discover card and collected some cash back to boot.


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