mm – head

The experience of seeing The Monkees biting the hand (arms and legs) of the medium that created them is worth the effort it takes to track down the film Head.  Aside from the Frank Zappa and Jack Nicholson cameos, Head smacks around ‘the image machine’ of TV, as the band winks at the audience as if to say “hey, hey we’ve just been yanking your chain up to this point”.  At the time of its release Head was quite a shock to loyal Monkee fans and today it resembles a pastiche of 1960’s psychedelia.  Be that as it may, The Porpoise Song (theme) departed sharply from Last Train to Clarksville.

The first 10 minutes of Head…including The Porpoise Song


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7 responses to “mm – head

  1. this is so funny! The bridge is in Long Beach, CA – pretty sure – it’s changed a bit since then.. The 60’s fashion and everything – cracked me up… Man, I so loved Davey… more than Marsha did!!!!

    Great fun video.

  2. logo™

    Do you know, I was not even aware the Monkees ever made a movie?
    Refer to the previous post’s comment section in which I mentioned not watching TV (from birth to age 24, then very limited TV for the last 8 years ), additionally, my parents were very opposed to pop music so…
    yah, I’ll just head back to my leper colony.
    See ya!

  3. that was far out, man.

  4. Someone’s playing a prank with that ‘ladies and gentlemen’ thing. Thank goodness at least there’s a mermaid down there to meet that young man. I’m not familiar with the song and film, but it sounds nice to me; lasted til 5.26.

  5. cool! this was a little before my time so i’ve never seen it before. but i love that trippy feel to it!

  6. Kelly – glad you enjoyed. wouldn’t surprise me that the bridge was in CA
    Logo – you are probably better off in the lepar colony without tv
    Lime – right arm
    Hazel – yeah youtube can jam up that way
    Diane – everything was trippy at that time….

  7. Every time I see the title for this post, I get a vision of Homer Simpson in anticipation as Marge is about to give him oral…


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