bam! easter wabbit stew…

Easter has come and gone. But I’ll bet you have stories to tell! We present: The Peep Peep Meme. I feel a sugar rush coming on….

1. What does Easter mean to you (if that is not too personal)?
A rekindling of the age-old question…why is the birth celebrated on 12/25 but the death is dependant of lunar phases and the vernal equinox?

2. When did you last go on an Easter egg hunt? Did you find anything?
10 years ago.  land mines.

3. Your favorite celebrity is dressed up in a bunny outfit and about to jump out of a cake. Who is it?
need you even ask at this point????????  have you not been paying attention??????

4. What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever done with Easter eggs?
devised a method to convert them back to raw eggs

5. What’s your favorite color of peeps?
black.  that’s after I’ve tossed them all in the fireplace to watch them melt and listen to them scream.  i loathe peeps.

6. Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?
re: answer question #3

7. Imagine: You are invited to the White House for the annual Easter egg hunt. What surprise should President Obama put in each egg for the kids?
an I.O.U.

8. What’s your favorite kind of candy to eat at Easter?
those sugar ribbons but only if they’ve been in the dish for a year and are all stuck together.

9. Have you ever dyed eggs for Easter?
I attempt every year but the get all smashed up in the washing machine.

10. You have just found a genuine Faberge egg (like the one pictured here) worth millions of dollars. Would you keep it or sell it for cash at auction? What would you do with the money?
use it in french toast batter…

11. Do you have an Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it?
Show us a picture of your hat.

12. Please share any special Easter memories or traditions you have with us.
I look forward to this every year…



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9 responses to “bam! easter wabbit stew…

  1. OMG

    I’m new to you. Who is your CELEBRITY in the cake? That aside Hope you had a fun whatever it was to you. I cooked a brisket and saved by Celebrity to disk.

  2. who would be the celeb? Carly Simon? I dunno… lol!

    that is one wicked tradition.

  3. Meredith Salenger, who else?

    5. My sister says torturing peeps in the microwave is rather amusing…

    9. Never did figure out how to tie them first.


  4. hey, i’ll send you 2 cakes, one with meredith salanger and one with phoebe cates. i’ll be expecting george clooney and hug jackman in return, tyvm.

    for easter you should have a tie dyed version of that bonnet like i do.

    finally, i’d like to enjoy that last tradition of yours. does it have to be a car the weights are dropped on?

  5. You killed the peeps?!! OMG!!!!
    **runs screaming away**

  6. Burning peeps is a favorite past time of mine. Last year we lit a fire in a fire pit, and toasted them on sharpened sticks. It was awesome.

  7. I would not like to be the one cleaning out your washing machine,with all those bits of eggs in it.

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