’tis that time once again – for some god forsaken reason

Welcome to the next installment of Let’s Humiliate Myself.  This time we travel back to a time when the world existed in varying shades of grey, a time before color came into existence, when everyone walked around wearing drab and awful hues of black, white and all the colors of the grayscale in-between. So, with that said, let’s go right for the throat…

The first grade…ah those were the days…flood pants, madras shirts.  Notice the disparity of parental concern as a couple of the lads are fully decked in suit and tie while others lounge in shorts and t-shirt.  I can remember all but six names here.  How well can you do?


school pics…we all got ’em…let’s just move on…

Here we have two gallant warriors engaged in a fierce battle to get a ball anywhere near a croquet wicket. This kept us busy most of the afternoon. That’s me on the right and my childhood pal Mark.
Here we have Mark explaining to me in no uncertain terms that it is expressly disallowed in The Royal Croquet Handbook to slam his ball through the windshield of his Dad’s flashy new Ford Fairlane

As you can see, life was so idyllic in black and white.  People were smaller so nobody had to deal with doorways built too low or hanging ones self climbing in and out of back seats of Volkswagen Beetles or even the fact that the shorts we were compelled to wear from well-meaning mothers would have fit Orson Wells on a bad day…

I do have much more to share but it is getting to be that time so I’ll wrap up this edition by saying the cute little bastard sitting in that chair is me at roughly two and a half years of age and if that chair could talk most of my family would be put away in Riker’s Island with a cellmate named Tiny who sports tattoos of the spleens and pancreas of every person he mutilated….


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2 responses to “’tis that time once again – for some god forsaken reason

  1. well, i think those of you in floods and madras plaid got off easier than the 2 poor buggers who had to wear suits for the class picture. the rest of the pictures aren’t so humiliating as just darned cute, though the thoughts of what the chair witnessed is a little disturbing.

  2. #1. You did a lot better than me. I only got one and a half names (I could not figure out Mrs. Meeker’s first name…)


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