mm – just do it

go see Diane


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13 responses to “mm – just do it

  1. What a fun video and song. Makes me want to get up and dance my heart out!

  2. ordinarilyjustme

    Ha! I loved this-It was visualized how I felt after my work day. So funny!

  3. …gettin’ on bad wit meh wine. jumpin’ and wailin’. ah could dingolay…

    (lemme know if you need translation)

  4. OMG that was hilarious. Now I have the urge to turn a monotonous, boring situation into a dance party.. I’d probably just make an ass of myself, but it would be so worth it!

  5. logo™

    I want to work in THAT office, if I ever have to work in an office.

  6. dingolay=dance either provocatively or with abandon…or both

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