Idle meme

The American Idol Meme
You be the judge!

This one is too easy….

1. Do you watch American Idol? No.  Never.  Nor will I.

2. Who is your favorite judge? Reinhold

3. Who is your favorite contestant this season and why?  The Elephant Man (I’m just asking for trouble here)

4. Who is your least favorite contestant this year and why?  Miss Nebraska…no one told her that swimsuits now come without pantaloons

5. Have you ever actually voted via text message?  You can do that now????

6. Is there a part of the show you find really annoying?  100% of it

7. What is your overall opinion of the show this season? Blows…and that applies to all seasons

8. Do you like Simon Cowell as a judge? What do you think of his judging style? Creation of the media, not a real person.

9. Is Ellen DeGeneres qualified to be an American Idol singing judge? Helen Keller is qualified

10. If you could pick a song to sing on the show this week, what would your song choice be and why? Get Over It – Eagles.

11. Who is your favorite all-time American Idol winner? If you like, post a video of their performance. I think I’ll pass as my tendency is to post a video most would find highly objectionable…


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6 responses to “Idle meme

  1. LOVE your answers.
    I will vote for Ms. Nebraska and her pantaloons, too….

  2. aw man, i really wanted to see the video…

  3. logo™

    Another show I don’t watch,
    and I feel just fine about that.

  4. They almost got me to watch Idol this season when local Erica Rhodes auditioned as “Whip Girl.” This area (Dallas/Fort Worth) has been quite well represented over the life of the series. Contrary to what some might like to believe, that does not mean the people here are more talented, but that this is a huge city and when there is that much chaff, you cannot help but have a few grains of wheat.

    I followed Dancing with the Stars until Buzz Aldrin was eliminated. He is the first person I have personally met to appear in any reality show. He is a great guy and perhaps the best of the astronauts to hang around with and I was really hoping he would do well despite his advanced age.


  5. I watched an episode of American Idol early this season. First time. It’s actually the first experience I’ve ever had, related to music, that is worse than karaoke.

    With karaoke, the performer’s excuse for sounding like shit is exactly the same as the audience member’s excuse for listening to shit: They’re both hammered.

    There is NO excuse for American Idol.

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