some things are worth dying for….

this is one of them


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4 responses to “some things are worth dying for….

  1. aside from the coconut (that’d kill me) it sounds interesting, and looks delish! I don’t know what that cheesecake is though, or velvet cake, or buttermilk cake. lol… but it looks deivine!

  2. Yikes, I gained a pound just looking at it…


  3. get rid of the coconut in the icing and i am pretty sure i will have died and gone to heaven if i ate this.

  4. logo™

    I want,
    I need,

    Dang it, Cooper, this is NOT helping with my recent determination to start eating sensibly and try to reduce the size of my ass.
    Holy crap, I’m having a cakegasm and I haven’t even eaten any!

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