dateline asbury park, nj – april 26 2010 – i swear it wasn’t me

Honestly.  I had nothing to do with it.  Sure i was there…i mean in the vicinity.  But really, I was not ,nor have I ever been, involved with any type of Tastycake barter.  No lie.  I prefer Entenmann’s anyway, or Hostess…

OK,  I WAS in Asbury Park at the time this went down, even the 4 – 5 peak hour…but not where all this took place.  I was at the beach…would i lie to you???

look, I have proof….

See…that’s the atlantic ocean from under the Ocean Grove pier.  what was I doing under the pier?  OK, bad example…

A proud fisherman casting off in search of anything floating down from Jersey City or Hoboken…ok, that’s not much bettter…but notice –  nary a Tandycake or Butterscotch Krimpet in sight.

Then there’s these folks on the bicycles.  They can vouch for me.  I had no snack cakes on my person at anytime during the day of April 26th.  The basket on the bike?  Oh, nothing…just some…um…water.  Yeah. Water and some sunscreen. 

I hope this quells any fears or unreasonable suspicions that may have arisen.

Oh, the 26th was Monday???  I was there on the 23rd…..

Never mind.



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8 responses to “dateline asbury park, nj – april 26 2010 – i swear it wasn’t me

  1. lime

    to the tune of the klondike jingle…

    what would ya do for a tastycake?

    ok, ok, you’ve convinced me of your innocence but dude….seriously, there is no way hostess beats tastycake. no.way.

  2. logo™

    $10 and Tastycakes?
    So, how ugly was this cop?

  3. orange cupcakes??? you gotta be kidding me. and susie qs have coconut on them, don’t they? you know my feelings on coconut. i’ll admit the raspberry danish is pretty darned good though however i’d give up every other mass produced baked good in the world if i could be guaranteed a steady supply of peanut butter candy cakes and chocolate juniors. lordy i haven’t had breakfast yet and i’m jonesing for tasty cakes now….

  4. lol.. i liked the story line 😉

    I love half moons. Not sure if you get them there, but they are good.

  5. ok, i stand corrected on the susieqs

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