a day for mater…

It’s 12:15 AM so it’s officially Mother’s Day and I’m sure some florist somewhere is attempting to wring every last dollar it can out of the public’s hands by staying open 24/7…

sorry.  was not my intention to be cynical…

anyway…any additonal accolades I may hoist upon the thankless (and unpaid) position of motherhood would pale in comparison to the myriad expressions of sugar and treacle found within the racks of any Hallmark vendor.  Instead, I’ve fired up the scanner and continued digitizing my past.  I came across all the photos glued to the boards we put together for Mom’s funeral,almost ten years ago now.  Foamcore boards and easels were all the rage before the days of slide shows and plasma screens.  In any case, allow me to share a few of my favorite and wish Mothers of all ages a happy Mother’s Day.

My wedding…dance with Mom.  As I looked at this one again it dawned on my what a tough day that must have been for her.  Not because she was losing a son, but having to deal with my Dad and his new wife in attendance…I think I’ve told that story before so there’s no need for a rehash.

She was definitely all about her grandkids, who were all lucky enough to have a grandma and grandpa living close enough to be a constant part of their lives..

That’s Beth screaming on her lap (she hasn’t stopped since)…almost 30 years ago now…


This is one of my favorites…just for my kid’s goofiness…

Happy Mother’s Day everyone….



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2 responses to “a day for mater…

  1. awe, such a nice post about your mom 🙂

    I don’t like cards, unless hand made. SO I am a little lucky in that regard. This year Kira made me a sepping stone with some old beads and stones we had 🙂 Bella’s babysitter got the kids to make bath salts.. so Bella had one by default 😉

  2. well, if that smile is any indication it seems she held her head high on your wedding day. i hope that’s the case anyway. i hope some happy memories warmed your heart today.

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