mm – bee girl

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To this day, one of the most courageous performances in any music video (and possibly most films) was Heather DeLoach as the “Bee Girl” for Blind Melon’s No Rain.

Today?  Well here’s a link to her MySpace page and an old Mtv Article

update:  my apologies for being forced to go to YouTube to watch…bastards…



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11 responses to “mm – bee girl

  1. what a COOL song and I LOVE the video…
    Great choice!
    mine is here
    Happy Monday!

  2. Great song, haven’t heard it in a long time and the video was so different than everything else being shoved into our faces MTV in those days. Great memories.

  3. Thanks for the memories my friend. I throughly enjoyed this and the song was cool. Have a great week ahead 🙂

  4. When this song came out – I would play it over and over and over again…. Love this video… Great pick.

    Love to you until next week.


  5. She was very cool! Loved that song! Didn’t something happen to the lead singer though?

  6. logo™

    I loved that video, loved her, and the whole thing.

    I’m so glad you posted this.

  7. I saw the title of ‘Bee Girl’ and was hopeful that you had posted No Rain 🙂 I LOVE this song! It just makes me happy and sing along, no matter where I am 🙂

  8. I love this song and the video. This song is on my running playlist.

    I remember busting out the Bee Girl moves in the clubs back in my college days. lol No joke. That’s how I roll. 😀 My girlfriends and I thought it was hysterical, but the guys in the club- not so much. 😀

  9. ya know, i’ve always kinda liked the song but the video completely escaped my attention until today. yep totally out of the loop. my excuse is i was busy having babies in other countries at that time. glad to have the situation rectified though. that was awesome! rock on, bee girl!

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