turning in my sheepskin…

I guess I’m just not the bleating type, a least when it comes to some things.  Like flocking to popular culture events.  What’s wrong with me that I cannot join in the chorus of hosannas spewing from every corner of the globe when an artistic endeavour takes front and center stage in the collective conscious?  Sometimes I feel like Egon…I collect spores, molds and fungus…  just an oddball amongst the masses.

Case in point.  I watched Avatar this weekend…I was not impressed.  Sure the effects were outstanding but after the first thirty minutes Cameron has pretty much blown his technical wad.  Once the wonder of that dissipates there is little left but a tired old story (science/native american culture/buddhism vs. the war machine), stereotypical characters and a message begging for peace only to, once again, have the climax come down to who uses their weaponry in the most lethal manner.  CGI and technology aside (and here again the mixed message – an anti-technology film created by serious cutting edge technology) there wasn’t much to the film that hasn’t been done before.  I’ve heard the Avatar faithful cry: “Oh you’ve got to see it in 3 D.” No thanks.  No matter how many techno tricks are employed it can’t make up for lackluster story and characters.

Next case…The Shack. To be fair I’m not finished with the book yet…but it is a struggle.  The writing is so pedestrian. No style, no craftsmanship.  It’s like reading a newspaper account. Spoiler Alert – skip this next bit if you want….  And for my money, the cheapest way to manipulate your reader’s emotions is put a child in peril.  I know where the book is going…a Shamanic quest for the Dad…but so far I could care less.  Here again, the characters have no depth.  The author’s prose lacks the rhythm and craft to make me care about the internal struggles of the characters.  It all lies there like wet newspaper.  As I said I’m not finished and if my view changes I’ll be certain to eat these words, publically.

In the meantime….have some foodporn…



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9 responses to “turning in my sheepskin…

  1. Wow, that’s the best food porn we’ve seen in ages. As for Avatar… hear hear.

  2. I disagree 100% with avitar. I walked out of the theater thinking that the only reason it was so brilliant was because of the 3d experience (which by the way, was phenominal!) but we bought the movie on blue ray to see if that really was the case. And we watched. And I still really like the story. It’s a predictable story, and very much like a grown up version of Fern Gully, but i liked that story too. The characters have depth, and the movie makes sense. With the crap that has been getting thrown up on the silver screen, I’d almost say that was an epic move..lol… would I concider the movie itself an epic movie? yes for detail, no for story line. It’s not in the same caliber (for me) as say, LOTR, Gladiator, Last of the Mohicans or Legends of the Fall. Those movies I can watch over and over, and still they captivate me,and I feel like there is a peice of me in those movies. Avitar did come up short for that.

  3. logo™

    I don’t collect mold, spores, or fungus.
    I haven’t seen Avatar.
    The cake looks kinda good but two bites and I would be done, looks sooooo rich.

    As for The Shack…
    well, I totally know where you are coming from. I have to say, I felt the same way about it at that point in the story. When he gets to the Shamanistic vision bit I did find some things to appreciate in how the author presents and explains some things. When I got the backstory I felt a little more forgiving about some of the writing issues. The story was not intended for publication. The author wrote it for his children as they were dealing with some intense interpersonal pain. It was more or less his attempt to address that age-old problem of God, sin, and suffering. Evidently, some other people read it and felt it should be published and so went about doing that. It would have benefitted from some serious editing, or ghost rewriting, or something.
    I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about whether it redeemed itself for you later in the book.

  4. i’ll take a mycologist over james cameron any day of the week. yeah, i collect geeky words like “mycologist” the way egon collects spores, molds, and fungus.

    oh, and i’ll ignore every pop culture icon (except hugh jackman) to lick every last crumb and smear of icing off the plate holding that cake.

    as an aside to file under “WTF?!” your google ad under the post is for a bedsore treatment.

  5. there was but it’s gone now.

  6. The whole plot of Avatar turns me off..so I haven’t seen it…but then again…not a fan of Cameron’s work either. I refused to see Titanic.

    As to Shack…I was very ho hum about it. You’ll be disgusted at the end. I thought it was rather disappointing. It wasn’t a bad read but it also wasn’t a read worth getting all excited about. I felt that way about The Lovely Bones too.

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